No Tofu For Me

Welcome to my food blog.

I try to eat healthy which is difficult because I am currently living in the midwest and I was raised in the DEEP South, which means I grew up with the philosophy that absolutely everything can be fried and gravy is as necessary as salt.

Time to revamp this intro a bit.

I gave up meat in November of 2010 and slowly evolved into a vegan diet and lifestyle.
I live with four other people in my house (all omnis) but my 13 year old boys are pretty veg receptive. I raised them as lacto-ovo vegetarians until they were about four.

I do occasionally eat faux meat and tofu but not often and my recipes will reflect that.

Usually, the meals I make are for one but some days I cook for five, some for three and sometimes just for my lunches. I bring my lunch everyday since a vegan meal in the middle of the bible belt is hard to come by.

I hate recipes that have 400 ingredients or take hours to prepare and cook. Who has that kind of time? Sometimes I want to prepare something elaborate but, most nights I like to keep it simple.

I cook more by instinct than by recipes and I love trying recipes that I can veganize.

My non-food blog is

Questions? Comments?

healthy spinach artichoke dip


i’m addicted to this recipe—-i probably make it twice a month. it’s perfect if you crave the taste of traditional cheesy spinach artichoke dip, except this stuff is vegan and way low in fat. check out the recipe here.

Sounds delicious.

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    i’m addicted to this recipe—-i probably make it twice a month. it’s perfect if you crave the taste of traditional cheesy...
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